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Our Offer - Cryocord

Storage of umbilical cord blood: The total fee of our CryoCord cord blood service is BHD 1,400. The total fee includes the administration, collection kit, transportation, processing, testing (CD34+/CD45+ stem cell count, TNC count, MNC count, viability and full sterility testing) and storage during the initial storage period of 20 years in two separate geographical locations. It also includes the Maternal Blood Sample testing (Serology and PCR method) and transport of the stem cell sample to any transplant facility in the world.
  • Subscription fee

    An initial deposit of BHD 400 for the enrollment (the “Enrollment Fee”) is payable before the birth of the Child. Upon receipt of the signed Service Agreement by Cryo-Save, the collection kit will be sent to you. This fee includes the Cord Blood collection kit, account set-up and administration fee.
  • Service fee

    A Processing and Storage Fee of BHD 1,000 will be invoiced prior to the time the sample is collected from the hospital.

  • Additional fees

    Additional fees may be charged if additional testing is required; e.g. because of abnormal lab test results, or if required by local or international regulations.
  • Refunds

    1. If you return the collection kit independent of the reason why, you will only have to pay a fixed amount of BHD 200 to cover cost incurred thus far.
    2. If the stem cell storage is not successful, Cryo-Save will refund the Processing and Storage Fee to the Client. The Enrollment Fee of BHD 400 is not refundable if the Cord Blood collection kit has been used (opened from its sterile packing).

  • Special Reductions

    1. A returning customer is eligible for the loyalty reduction of BHD 200 on the Processing and Storage Fee when saving stem cells with Cryo-Save of a subsequent newborn child.
    2. In case of twins, a customer is entitled to receive a 50% reduction on the Processing and Storage Fee for the second twin.

    A combination of these two reduction offers is not possible.

  • After 20 years

    After 20 years you can choose to continue to keep your stem cells saved at Cryo-Save. Continued storage after this initial period will be at the market prices valid at that time. We can only give a rough indication of the expected price for continuation.
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